Cleanroom construction

Project Kickoff 

The cleanroom construction project officially kicked off in 2024. The collaborators that will support this project will be COCEPTIO, Jansen Group, and Close HVAC.

Superstructure Set & Site Preparation
The site preparation involves thorough steps to ensure strict cleanliness standards are met, including clearing and leveling the ground, establishing utility connections, and implementing environmental controls. Additionally, structural modifications, such as reinforced flooring and walls, are in progress to ensure a strong foundation.

Installation of Peripheral Partitions & Start of Ductwork

The peripheral partitions are now installed, forming the sturdy framework that divides our cleanroom space from the rest. These partitions are made with materials meeting stringent cleanroom standards and are equipped with windows, doors, and pass-throughs for seamless operation and personnel flow. 

Building the partitions

The construction team has begun building the partitions inside the manufacturing unit. The ducting on the shop floor and the installation of cable trays are progressing quickly.

HVAC units delivery

A significant milestone in the project has been reached: the long-awaited HVAC units have been delivered on-site. Contractor teams are now working on rigging the units and preparing the connections to the ducting network. In parallel, electricians have begun pulling power and data cables to the technical area.

Cable trays installations

Significant progress has been made over the past few weeks. Cable trays have been installed, cables have been pulled, and the ducting work is complete. 

The supporting frame for the ceiling panels has been fixed onto the partitions, which are nearly finished. The team has even started installing the door frames..

Ceiling installation is complete

The ceiling installation is complete, and the contractor has started installing the HPL finishing panels. 

Additionally, the ceiling lights have been installed within the ceiling.

Grade D corridor

Focusing on the warehouse and the Grade D corridor, the rooms are nearly finished. 

Preparations for installing the finishing panels have already begun.

Ceilings finished

The partitions and ceilings are now finished, and the rooms are ready for floor installation. 

The HVAC grid installation has also begun, and everything is looking great.

The installation of the PVC floor

The installation of the PVC floor and doors has been successfully completed in all the rooms. 

It is kindly requested that no questions be directed to Joachim regarding the color of the PVC floors in the formulation and filling room, as this particular artistic touch falls outside his area of responsibility!

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