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Leading Pharmaceutical Formulation Services.


We specialize in providing superior pharmaceutical formulation services that cater to a broad spectrum of industry needs. 
Whether you require small-batch formulations or mid-scale production, our facility is equipped to handle your needs efficiently.

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Precision, Adaptability, and Quality

Key Features 

We provide a diverse range of formulation services adapted to small batches, with the capability to work with mixing volumes as low as 50mL, and up to 20L.

Diverse Batch Sizes:

From as low as 50mL to up to 20L, we accommodate a wide range of batch sizes to suit your specific requirements.

Single-Use Systems:

Our single-use approach minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, ensuring product integrity.

    Sterile and Non-Sterile Options: 

    We offer both sterile and non-sterile mixing to meet the varied demands of pharmaceutical development.

    Integrated IT Processes:

    Our operations are fully integrated with advanced IT systems, reducing the risk of human error and enhancing efficiency.

    High Chemical Compatibility:

    Our facilities are equipped to handle a broad spectrum of chemicals, supported by an extensive extractable package and minimal particle load.

    Possibility to add monitoring probes (pH, conductivity)

    Specifications & Range

    Thanks to single-use equipment, we significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

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    Production Facility

    Our dedicated cleanroom for Formulation is the first room of our Aseptic Filling process. 

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