Pharmaceutical formulation bottles

Our Formulation and Aseptic Fill and Finish Solutions

​We are a CDMO specialized in GMP formulation and aseptic filling of injectable drugs for small batches, catering to clinical phases and orphan drug development. We excel in small-batch fill & finish, offering formulation, stability studies, labeling, and storage services. Our diverse product range includes GLP/GMP manufacturing, sterile and non-sterile formulations, and aseptic filling in various containers.

Formulation Services

We offer an array of services, from adaptable mixing solutions to controlled isolator environments, all aimed at enhancing your formulation endeavors.

Committed to superior quality and efficient resource use, our innovative Bottle-Mixer ensures contamination-free, agile procedures without capital burdens, and our isolator provides a sterile environment for volatile materials with rapid setup, while versatile applications empower your formulation efforts, all within the biotech and pharma sectors.

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Pharmaceutical formulation and inspection

Our Features

Unlock the future of formulations with our services.

Time Efficiency

Providing a tenfold faster set-up time in comparison to the current services

No minimum mixing volume

Very low mixing volume, from 50 mL to 20 L. Product loss is minimal.

Single use

No contamination or mixing error

Aseptic Filling Solutions

We offer cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the highest standards of precision and quality.

With no human intervention, therefore removing the risk of environmental contamination and cross-contamination.

Completely robotic, our filling technology can fill nested vials, syringes, or cartridge formats from 0.2 to 50mL, changing formats within 45 minutes.

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An aseptic filling machine
Our Features

Our innovations and how it will be an advantage to your needs

100% automated, no glove ports

The risk of contamination is reduced with human intervention designed outside of the aseptic process.

Unmatched Flexibility

Our aseptic filling has the versatility to fill nested vials, syringes, and cartridge formats ranging from 0.2 to 50 mL, empowering you to meet dynamic market demands.

Visual Inspection

100% manual visual inspection. Our technicians have the most rigorous eye control with regular medical tests. using a strict process. 

Agile Filling System

Thanks to our workcells, we are able to provide containment for potent compounds, reduce line loss to as little as 12 mL, and enable swift product switches in 15 to 60 minutes.

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